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Our African Vacation Plane Ride to Malindi, Kenya… 101

Flying to Africa was definitely an experience. My husband and I decided to travel back with our daughter Lindsey and her husband Clayton to their home in Malindi., Kenya. This was our first flight out of the USA and also the longest one. We left for our 3 1/2 hour drive to Dallas at 4am on Monday morning. Our flight on United Emirates was at 11:30 am. The 15 hr flight was not bad but my seat was uncomfortable and I was not able to sleep very much. I was able to watch several movies. The food was very good. The flight attendants were so cute with their fancy uniforms and red hats. I was impressed. It was just like you would see in old movies.
We landed in Dubai and just looking we could have been back at DFW in Dallas. We had a 4 hour layover. We had meal passes for the airport and we ate at McDonalds which I thought was funny. I did a lot of walking around the airport to kill time. Finally it was time to board for our 5 hour flight to Nairobi. My seat was very comfortable and I slept almost the entire trip, which was nice. It was night when we arrived in Nairobi.
We had the most awesome man who picked us up to take us to our hotel. He was holding up a sign with our name along with hundreds of others. I had never seen that before. I had never been in a car that was driven on the left side either. That was crazy. And the traffic was unreal. We picked up food in a fast food/gas station, just like at home. We were glad to get some rest! We woke up early around 4 and could not go back to sleep. We left at 6:00 am for the airport. Out flight left around 10 am for Malindi. We had one stop in Lauma. We were surprised how many people got on the plane. It seriously looked like the terrain in south Texas were we used to hunt, very remote.

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