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A Day With Santa

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Several weeks ago I was asked to take photos of Santa with everyone at the Senior Luncheon at my church, First Baptist Keithville. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out. Would everyone want to have their photo taken? Sue and I worked getting the backdrop ready to make it look like Christmas. My plan was to take the photos with my cell phone and print to my wireless printer. Sounded like a great plan. It worked at my office. Well it didn’t work so good at the church. I’m pretty sure the problem was that the internet there wouldn’t allow a wireless printer to connect. Whatever the reason I had to run back to the office for my backup plan, which was my camera and computer. It all worked out. I was able to work on the photos during the luncheon and had them ready to hand out at the end. They all seemed pleased. After it was over I saw one man in the parking lot that had not had his taken. When I asked him about that he replied with a big smile, “Yes I eluded you.”

The best part of the shoot was when they brought in the grand baby for his santa photo. It was precious. You can click on the photo to see the entire slideshow of santa photos.


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