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Susan G Komen 5K Race for the Cure

I photographed my first 5K race on Saturday September 26, 2015. I used my Nikon D800 camera and my daughter Haley used a Pentax K7. It was a nice day with no ran in the forecast. I am uploading the photos to Saturday afternoon. The photos will be edited after they are purchased so they will look their best. You can crop them when you order or I will crop them as needed. If you need a larger resolution photo you can email me at and I will upload the large one.

What an experience! This was my first 5K race and I felt like I had run the race, lol. My daughter is in tip top shape and she was tired also, so I didn’t feel so bad. There were so many contestants, probably around 2000. It was unbelievable. I did see a few familiar faces. Thanks to Susan Shofner for asking me to take the photos for the race.

Thanks for your interest in my photos. Tammy

Look who I ran into…

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