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Project of Love Music

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Here is a short version of Project of Love Music’s first concert. The website is
I included information from their website below. Please take time to read it. This is my brother’s story of his battle with cancer. I made this video so my younger daughter who is in Africa could see her uncle perform. is a 501©(3) charitable organization

My name is Tracy E. Thomas. I was visited by metastatic kidney cancer for a second time  in 2012. I am currently undergoing treatment at M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX.

I am also a writer, musician and a stuntman. In my last 7 feature films I have been on Votrient (Pazopanib) and I am currently in remission.

Prior to my remission things looked rather dire. But in October 2013, a mutual friend introduced me to David Green. I was looking for collaborators to produce an album of music for my friends and family while I had the time and the energy to take on such a task.

I met David (drummer and producer) and subsequently Joey Percival (bass) and began recording the first day we played together. Once the album was made I wanted to take it further and enter a short film in the Louisiana Film Prize. We entered the musical Stay Well My Friend, Stay Well. 

In less than a year’s time we had produced an album and produced a SAG short film. Throughout this creative process I remained focused on an expression of love and what it means to live. I attribute my immersion in artistic expression as both stimulus and catalyst for my remission.

Survival is, in large part, attitude. Foster well-being through artistic expression. Don’t double-down on thinking about cancer! Work your treatment plan and then let it go. Find solace in art. When left alone, not bothered by a fear filled mind, the body strives for homeostasis and balance. Give yourself a break from the enormity of the disease: create!

Application processes for SURVIVAL ART will commence very soon.

Tracy E. Thomas

“Changing Fate” or CHNGNF8 is dedicated to providing free access the tools necessary for cancer survivors and/or their caregivers to communicate through art what it means to survive.

Whether drawing, painting, doodling, filming, screaming, pounding or strumming, we want to help you make that happen as a means to communicate your story to the world at large.

Create to live, live to create; there is a healing that manifests when you still your mind and focus your intent. Your concern is the form, the line, the sound of something brand new in the Universe. It is not thinking about cancer, rather, creation.

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