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My Love of Horses

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My dad brought me a pony home one day when I was eleven. Her name was Freckles and she came complete with saddle, bridle, blanket and her 4 month old filly named Duchess. Unfortunately the filly wasn’t around long due to an accident. I have many memories of Freckles. She taught us (my brother Todd and my friend Venetia) to ride. She was strong willed like a lot of ponies are. Due to their small size, sometimes they aren’t well trained and tend to take advantage of kids. She would run us under tress, thru trees trying to wipe us off. We used to take our horses swimming. We found out really quick that Freckles couldn’t swim. She blew bubbles and we had to lift her nose out of the water.

Thru the years I have owned many horses. I have learned so much from each one. I hope that I taught them something also. If I had to choose my favorite, it would be Latch, “My Smooth Latch”. I bought her from a horse trader from Serepta. I was seven months pregnant at the time. He tried three times to talk me out of buying her due to her problems, but I knew her potential. It took me two years of hard work but I finally learned to ride her. She is the first horse in the video. She was only 14.2 but she was a powerhouse. I competed on her for thirteen years. When I am looking for a new horse, it seems I measure them all by her.

I made this video of most of the horses I have owned. My mom was told by her co-workers when I was a teenager that I would give up those horses as soon as I started liking boys. Well that didn’t happen. I married a cowboy and forty-five years later, I’m still loving horses.

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