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Barrel Racers Turn Out for Kim McDuff

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Taylor Norwood

Southside Riding Club of Keithville, Louisiana made history this past Saturday. On April 27, 2013 the club hosted a benefit of one of our fellow members, Kim McDuff. She was injured a couple of months ago in a horse related accident. She was hospitalized for several weeks waiting for the infection to subside in her leg so she could have surgery to repair the compound fracture. She is still on high dollar medicines at this time. The club went into immediate action and organized a benefit for her. Over $6700 was raised to go towards her medical expenses and medicines.

We had 134 riders competing in the 5D barrel race which had $1000 added. I have been a member of Southside since 1971 and I can’t remember ever having over 75 riders compete in an event there at one time. It was awesome. We also had a silent auction, raffle items and all the proceeds from the concession stand went towards her cause.

Let me just tell you about barrel racers… Even though they are in competition with each other, they will turn out for their competitors when needed. That was evident this past Saturday! The weather bureau was showing a 40% chance of rain, but nobody cared. They came and the rain held off until Saturday night. Barrel racers showed up that I hadn’t seen in years. Everything went smooth. No accidents. Do delays. Well one horse did need some coaxing towards the end, but that was it. How do I know this? I took photos of everyone that is except for me and the last 10 runners. My daughter, Lindsey, stepped in and took a few while I made my run. I have to say, it was a pretty tight race. Most of the times ranged from 16.5 to 18 seconds. My apologies to the last ten runners, after holding that camera for over five hours, I was done!

You can go to to view and buy the photos. There is a coupon for 10% off that will show up when you check out. It is good thru May 6, 2013. I am also donating 10% of all the sales to help with Kim’s expenses, so order yours today. Tammy

Featured in the photo is Taylor Norwood, Kim’s daughter.

One thought on “Barrel Racers Turn Out for Kim McDuff

  1. I too thought the turn out was amazing, Not having been a member that long it was great to see that the barrel racing world would show such a turn out as they did. To do so with the threat of rain in the forecast, they still came. Now, hurry up and get well Kim.

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