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Captain Shreve Softball Swings into Action Against Airline

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My daughter Lindsey is the assistant softball coach for Captain Shreve High School. After watching her play softball for almost 20 years, the next best thing is to watch her team play. I love the game of softball. It’s interesting to see all the different levels of athletes. They start out in t-ball and they don’t even know which way to run if they happen to hit the ball. They pick flowers in the ourfield. Some move up to church league or little league, others to tournament ball. You can’t wait until your daughter is in high school. It’s a magical time, but guess what… it is over way too soon. Some are lucky to have their daughters play college ball. Wow, is this a whole nother level? (and yes I had to look that up) My daughter played for Bossier Parish Community College and then the University of Arkansas at Monticello. I enjoyed taking photos of the teams that Lindsey played on. I started out with a 35mm Pentax and later bought a small Fugi digital camera. How can I explain how slow that camera was? I would push the shutter down way before the swing, before the slide, before the pitch. It was awful, but I still enjoyed taking photos. By the time she was playing college ball I had my first Pentax digital. I thought it was the bomb. I chose Pentax because I had all the lenses from my 35mm Pentax from the early 80’s. This was not a good choice, I might add. I very seldom used those old lenses. When I was ready to upgrade my camera I chose to stick with Pentax. I always felt my photos were nice. I was happy with them. I even sold a few. Several months ago I contacted a friend, Eric Eggly of Point Seven Studios, and got his opinion of what camera I should purchase. He explained that Nikon had just come out with a D800 that was super nice. After much thought, I purchased it along with two lenses. I am loving it! I can’t believe the difference a camera can make. I shoot all my photos in the manual mode. This week I took my camera to a Captain Shreve game when they played Airline. I got permission from Coach Smith to stand in the dugout and take some photos. Lindsey was worried I would get hit by a ball, but it was all good, only a couple of close calls! This was the first time I had taken action shots with the D800. I was very happy with the photos I took. Getting to know a new camera is hard work. Here is one of the photos. I hope you enjoy viewing the gallery. I am pleased to say that Captain Shreve beat Airline 4-1 and they were pumped! Tammy

pitcher 2150

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