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My New Photo Printer

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new printerI am really excited. My new inkjet printer arrived on Friday and I hope to get it out of the box today. All 75 pounds of it! It wasn’t so funny last Friday when it arrived. Who would expect it to be here early and it was also almost 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon. I had finished working for the day and was up at the barn getting my daughter’s horse ready for a barrel race that night. I was a little nervous because I had only ridden Tater in our arena. It was very cold so I decided I would lunge on a long lead line first. What I didn’t know was that she turns into a crazy horse on the lunge line. She almost drug me off several times before I was able to accomplish what I needed to do. Right in the middle of this my little handicapped one-eyed kitty decided he wanted to take part. And he is the same color as my arena dirt. Not good. Amongst Tater’s running hooves is my little Eddie! I thought she was going to stomp him for sure, but somehow he escaped. About that same time, I looked up and saw a Ryder truck in my driveway. I couldn’t imagine what he wanted. I knew the only thing I had ordered was my printer, but it wasn’t due until the middle of the next week. He was making a motion which I understood that he needed me to sign for delivery. Great timing! I managed to settle down the horse and get her tied. It’s a good ways to my house, so it took a minute or two. He started driving up to the barn. He got out for me to sign for my package. I asked him what it was so I would know if it needed to go in the office or in my husband’s shop. He explained that it was a 75# printer. Wow, I thought! So I explained that I would need it to go in my office. Oops on his part, he had delivered it to my front porch. I felt bad for him, but no way could I leave it there until my husband, who wouldn’t return for hours, could move it and I was going to Benton. A 50# feed sack is definitely my max limit. This thing is huge. So he moved it to my office where it sat all weekend. Finally, I am ready to see what I bought. It is a Canon Pixma Pro-1. I hope I like it. I had narrowed my choices down to three and after watching all the videos, I chose this one. My last inkjet printer was a Canon i9900 and it was awesome. It died on me a couple of weeks ago after many years of service.

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