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Susan G Komen 5K Race for the Cure

I photographed my first 5K race on Saturday September 26, 2015. I used my Nikon D800 camera and my daughter Haley used a Pentax K7. It was a nice day with no ran in the forecast. I am uploading the photos to Saturday afternoon. The photos will be edited after they are purchased so they will look their best. You can crop them when you order or I will crop them as needed. If you need a larger resolution photo you can email me at and I will upload the large one.

What an experience! This was my first 5K race and I felt like I had run the race, lol. My daughter is in tip top shape and she was tired also, so I didn’t feel so bad. There were so many contestants, probably around 2000. It was unbelievable. I did see a few familiar faces. Thanks to Susan Shofner for asking me to take the photos for the race.

Thanks for your interest in my photos. Tammy

Look who I ran into…

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Project of Love Music

Here is a short version of Project of Love Music’s first concert. The website is
I included information from their website below. Please take time to read it. This is my brother’s story of his battle with cancer. I made this video so my younger daughter who is in Africa could see her uncle perform. is a 501©(3) charitable organization

My name is Tracy E. Thomas. I was visited by metastatic kidney cancer for a second time  in 2012. I am currently undergoing treatment at M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX.

I am also a writer, musician and a stuntman. In my last 7 feature films I have been on Votrient (Pazopanib) and I am currently in remission.

Prior to my remission things looked rather dire. But in October 2013, a mutual friend introduced me to David Green. I was looking for collaborators to produce an album of music for my friends and family while I had the time and the energy to take on such a task.

I met David (drummer and producer) and subsequently Joey Percival (bass) and began recording the first day we played together. Once the album was made I wanted to take it further and enter a short film in the Louisiana Film Prize. We entered the musical Stay Well My Friend, Stay Well. 

In less than a year’s time we had produced an album and produced a SAG short film. Throughout this creative process I remained focused on an expression of love and what it means to live. I attribute my immersion in artistic expression as both stimulus and catalyst for my remission.

Survival is, in large part, attitude. Foster well-being through artistic expression. Don’t double-down on thinking about cancer! Work your treatment plan and then let it go. Find solace in art. When left alone, not bothered by a fear filled mind, the body strives for homeostasis and balance. Give yourself a break from the enormity of the disease: create!

Application processes for SURVIVAL ART will commence very soon.

Tracy E. Thomas

“Changing Fate” or CHNGNF8 is dedicated to providing free access the tools necessary for cancer survivors and/or their caregivers to communicate through art what it means to survive.

Whether drawing, painting, doodling, filming, screaming, pounding or strumming, we want to help you make that happen as a means to communicate your story to the world at large.

Create to live, live to create; there is a healing that manifests when you still your mind and focus your intent. Your concern is the form, the line, the sound of something brand new in the Universe. It is not thinking about cancer, rather, creation.

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My Love of Horses


My dad brought me a pony home one day when I was eleven. Her name was Freckles and she came complete with saddle, bridle, blanket and her 4 month old filly named Duchess. Unfortunately the filly wasn’t around long due to an accident. I have many memories of Freckles. She taught us (my brother Todd and my friend Venetia) to ride. She was strong willed like a lot of ponies are. Due to their small size, sometimes they aren’t well trained and tend to take advantage of kids. She would run us under tress, thru trees trying to wipe us off. We used to take our horses swimming. We found out really quick that Freckles couldn’t swim. She blew bubbles and we had to lift her nose out of the water.

Thru the years I have owned many horses. I have learned so much from each one. I hope that I taught them something also. If I had to choose my favorite, it would be Latch, “My Smooth Latch”. I bought her from a horse trader from Serepta. I was seven months pregnant at the time. He tried three times to talk me out of buying her due to her problems, but I knew her potential. It took me two years of hard work but I finally learned to ride her. She is the first horse in the video. She was only 14.2 but she was a powerhouse. I competed on her for thirteen years. When I am looking for a new horse, it seems I measure them all by her.

I made this video of most of the horses I have owned. My mom was told by her co-workers when I was a teenager that I would give up those horses as soon as I started liking boys. Well that didn’t happen. I married a cowboy and forty-five years later, I’m still loving horses.

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Getting Ready for the BIG Day!

web 6278

My daughter’s wedding is May 10, 2014. Wow! There is so much to do. I’m on pins and needles about the weather. It’s an outside wedding and we have close to 160 people who have responded. I’m worried about the one’s who didn’t respond but we will make it work. The plans are to move to our church if needed. Stay tuned to this website for more updated information next week. Remember to call my cell phone if needed! Tammy

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The Awesome Blood Moon

My friend Patty mentioned to me yesterday about the lunar eclipse which would take place Tuesday morning, April 15. We had tried to view the Super Moon a couple of months back, but we were not successful. My husband and I set our clocks to 2:00 am and managed to get out there about 2:30 am. I had some trouble with the tripod but took the photos around 2:35 am. I had trouble getting it to focus, so I put it on manual.

I checked online to see how to set my camera. It recommended using the spot metering and I found out that my Nikon D800 had that. I set it up on a tripod. The manual settings I used were f/2.8, the shutter speed on 30 and the iso on 6400. I took about 8 photos but only one turned out. I was very pleased with the photo. I was glad the clouds had moved out a couple of hours earlier.

In a total lunar eclipse, the full moon turns a coppery red as it passes into Earth’s shadow. During the process, the moon’s bright glow dims, taking on a red hue because of shimmers of sunlight and sunsets seeping through the Earth’s atmosphere. Tammy


blood moon, lunar eclipse, total eclipse


A Girl’s Dream Horse

On a recent trip to San Antonio, Texas, I took this photo of the bucking horse in Logansport, Louisiana. I used my Nikon D800 and I am embarrassed to say we didn’t stop, I just took it thru the windshield. I was very pleased how clear the photo came out. I did a little tweaking  in photoshop to make it unusual.

As a child, we traveled thru Logansport to visit my grandmother who lived in Center, Texas. The highlight of the trip for me was to see the bucking horse and to get some ice cream from the DQ. Of course my dad very seldom stopped for the ice cream and never to see the horse. So writing this story I decided to see if I could find some information on the horse. I was quite surprised to find a whole page of info. I hope you enjoy the article I found on this website:

Logansport Horse small

Bucking Horse

If you tell someone you are from Logansport, Louisiana, the likely response is “I know where Logansport is, isn’t that where the Bucking Horse is on that building?” So it is with this in mind that a decision was made to include our famous Bucking Horse in the Historical section of our web pages.

The story is that Coy Pace, owner of Pace’s Hardware, saw a potential opportunity to cash in on the marketing of the molded animals available for distributorship. Because of Logansport’s colorful history as a town of lawlessness and actual gunfights in the streets in the early 1900’s, he purchased the Bucking Horse and gave it the job of riding herd over the Town of Logansport. He had it securely mounted on the upper story of the Pace Hardware building. Now everyone that has a horse has a legend to tell about it. This spirited steed also has a history to tell and brought its master much attention. The sight of the horse hanging outside caught the eye of someone passing through. She stopped to inquire about the horse and eventually she purchased a very large chicken (larger that the horse) to be delivered to her in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. The story goes that the chicken arrived and shortly was stolen. Friends of the distraught lady “well maybe I should say, very good friends of the lady” separately and unknown to each other contacted Coy Pace and each made arrangement to have another chicken delivered to their good friend. The chickens were ordered and shipped as agreed; in the meantime the original stolen chicken was recovered. Now the lady in St. Tammany parish had a flock of chickens. Obviously, Coy would have been pleased; his investment had paid off and just not in chicken eggs!

Coy Pace is no longer with us, but his unknowing gift to the Town of Logansport has been the notoriety the Bucking Horse has brought to our town and it will continue to delight visitors and those that drive by for generations to come. The reins of ownership of Pace Hardware were eventually passed to his son Mallory Pace, and the horse remained above the entrance to the hardware store.

The building is no longer occupied by Pace Hardware, but is still referred to as the Pace Hardware building if anyone local is giving directions to somewhere near the Historic building. The building is owned by Don Paul, and still retains many of the old hardware store’s features lovingly restored to pristine conditions. Stop by, take a look up at the cowboy, who still hangs on for all its worth. He has continued to watch over our town through all of the changes as years have gone by.

The crowds brought by the Old Spanish Trail Ride and the Frontier days celebration that would fill the Main Street of Logansport, from store front to store front, with residents dressed in western and frontier attire. Mock gunfights with authentically dressed Cowboys and outlaws, thrilling everyone as gunshots were heard throughout the town. Little cowboys and cowgirls would grab their cowboy hats and pistols and head to town to join the celebration. The Frontier Days would bring Governors to our streets, where they would ride their fancy palominos and serenade the parade watchers with “You Are My Sunshine.” Governor Jimmy Davis was a frequent visitor to Logansport, back in the day.

I wonder what that cowboy and his bucking steed think now as they watch our Main Street highway crowds passing by. But the crowd now is in the form of Oil and Gas related vehicles as they rush to and from the many new Gas wells and new well sites throughout DeSoto Parish as they pass through the Town of Logansport. New excitement has come to the Town of Logansport from the discovery of the Haynesville Shale and Logansport hopes the bucking horse, with heels kicked high for all to see, remains as a reminder of Years Gone BY!


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